Solder figure

Ladies and gentlemen!

Studio, "a collection of Baltic soldiers» «BCS-miniatures» has the honor to invite you to the author's collection of historical pewter miniatures made the best sculptors and artists of St. Petersburg.

All the boys are playing toy soldiers. For those who have grown up, but kept the love for these figures, they become collectible, and call them already different - historical miniatures. Some are studying history and writing monographs, others make tin soldiers, faithfully reproduce all the features of shapes and ammunition of different periods of world history. Thus, a child's toy, having moved into the adult world, turns to the testimony of history, it can tell a lot about battles, events and personalities of the past eras.

In our country the manufacture and collection of military and historical miniatures - passion comparatively young, although the history of the tin soldier goes back many centuries. This trend has become increasingly popular among modelers Uniformologija, fans of military history in general. It finds fans among people of all ages and all professions.

Solder figure

In our collection you will find miniatures of almost all historical periods. Currently, the total number of models of more than 500 items, and the collection is constantly updated.

We hope that our figures will not leave you indifferent.

Sincerely, the studio group «BCS-miniatures».